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  High - Speed Doors

Always open to satisfy your needs.

Inkema has a varied range of High-Speed Doors which are designed as dividing elements for areas with continuous and heavy traffic, in all cases ensuring the correct insulation.
All the Inkema High-Speed Doors are made of the best materials swing to the large number of manoeuvres they make. They include diverse safety elements that comply with all the European standards.
In addition, Inkema offers its customers a wide range of doors: folding, rolling, self-repairable and cold storage.

• Folding
• Rolling
• Self-repairable
• Cold Storage

INKEMA High-Speed Doors Catalogue


Design, Functionality and Performance.

All the Inkema folding high-speed doors are designed to be installed indoors or outdoors. We can make large doors, which provide optimum wind pressure support. It goes without saying that all the Inkema holding high-speed doors contain diverse safety systems, such as an irreversible static or mechanical system to prevent the door from falling in the event of the motor brake not functioning.


Change Your Perception of High-Speed Doors.

Fast, practical and efficient. We make a careful and thorough study in order to find the best solution for indoor areas. Inkema roller doors are safe solutions for an installation with no risk. We have a wide selection, in different colours and with exclusive designs.


High-Speed Doors Which Are More Than Conventional.

The Self-repair system means that when an element knocks the door with considerable force, the canvas sheet becomes detached from the guides without any element breaking. When the Self-repairable door is put into operation, the canvas returns to the guides as if nothing had happened.


Cold Storage
With a Clear Objective: to Control the Temperature.

Inkema Cold Storage High-Speed Doors are designed for the interiors of cold rooms that operate with temperatures of between 0º and -30º C with continuous traffic, and for the purpose of reducing the time during which the room remains open due to the passage of goods, to prevent the loss of cold.
Inkema Cold Storage High-Speed Doors are formed by two canvas sheets on a frame, to guarantee insulation and reduce the effects of condensation.