KAWAHARA was founded in 1996 by Mr. Kengo Kawahara. Since then, we have been the choice of many Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian companies as well as Japanese companies in these countries. Our lists of customers varying from car manufacturers to machine dealers prove that KAWAHARA is a reliable brand in providing industrial machinery. This is due to our serious commitment in providing invaluable satisfactory services to our customers. We apply our expertise to offer ideas and plans in assisting our customers’ requirements when selecting the various types of machinery. We have expertise in every area of the machineries from planning to installation. We are also dedicated in providing after-sales service in terms of support and maintenance, which make our company a more desirable choice for our customers.
  Recognizing the fact that there is an increasing demand for stairlifts, wheelchair lifts and home lifts in both private and public areas, we are expanding our business by including these products as we have the experiences and expertise in the machinery and engineering field. The products are as follow:  
  Authorised Dealer For: